Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Firearm Transfer are $35 each plus NICS Fee $7.50 for the background check.
(No background check charge for valid Utah Concealed Firearm Permit holders)

Yes, we do. Firearms must be brought in for evaluation and possibly left for a short period of time for a complete inspection and evaluation.

We do take firearms for consignment, the fee is 20% of the final selling price.
– Potential charges for cleaning and repair may be necessary before sale of the item, we will evaluate each item before putting on consignment.

Yes, but if you have multiple firearms please call for details.

The high demand of almost every product in the industry means we are only able to order what our distributors offer us when it becomes available through an allocation list. We will take Special Orders for certain items.

  • Our average turn around time is 1-5 weeks. But it is very dependent on the scope of work!
  • Gunsmithing and repair work is warrantied for 30 days from the day of pickup.
  • A storage fee of $50 per month will be assessed if the firearm is not picked up within 30 days of work completion.

Yes, we do fair market and insurance appraisals for $50 per gun.

Anyone who purchases a firearm and is denied will be assessed a $57.50 Service fee for processing the transaction.


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